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March 31, 2017

Dim Sum Friday

I love having bits of this and that to eat! It's like going to a Dim Sum restaurant  and  discovering what's on the carts! I love all those choices.

I have been an appetizer fan ever since my father used to bring my sister and me hors d'ouevres from the parties he and my mom went to. I would pop out of bed when they came home to see what he had brought! My favorites were the little bar-be-qued hotdogs,deviled eggs and cheese squares! I still like deviled eggs and cheese to this day.

So this is an assortment of thoughts...bon appetite!

Be Here Now

You are out to dinner with a friend. The cell phone is on the table. The friend glances at it frequently. Now they are taking a call. Now they are talking. Now they are still talking. Finally, they hang up and keep glancing at the phone. You ask if here is an emergency or some other problem? Nope. Just addicted to the phone.

When I've told people I know, that I find having to compete with their cell phones annoying,...

February 8, 2017

I found myself slightly depressed all the way through January.   It stretched on into February.  I am usually a positive person, or at the least I don’t stay depressed for long so this was unusual. I looked back at my last few months and realized I had reason to be sad.  My dear aunt had passed away.  I broke up with my boyfriend. I met someone new and we went out a few times and I never heard from him again.  The project I was working on and being paid to do ended.  Well, the project didn’t end but the pay did. I am still working on the project but I was sad that I would no longer be in the office working with the people I had come to appreciate so much.  So…there were lots of reasons to be sad.  But I don’t believe in letting life make me sad for long.  So the question was, regardless of the past year’s disappointments, what do I need to do to look forward to this year? 

Then I found a book I had read 5 years ago.  It was...

December 31, 2016

OK, I am a Baby Boomer, so that means I am now in the retirement generation!  I did give this some thought but I didn't know, actually what it would be like.  I thought I would retire after I finished working (didn't think about when that would be) and move to Seattle, build a little A-frame cabin in the woods, have a kiln and a throwing pots wheel and make hundreds of cool clay pots, vases and light switch covers!  That's not how it went.

A dear uncle of mine once said...quoting someone else, that "Life begins after 40".  I was 25 when he said it and I had no clue what he was talking about.  Now that I am past 40 and having a grand time in my so called retirement, I get it.

I've been a career, life and personal coach for many years. I noticed that when people wanted to get a new job - maybe because they had been fired, or laid off, or they were tired of what they were doing or felt unappreciated or something -  they needed my help to get that job.  What...

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