Pamelagrace Vocalist

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My Songs


Pamelagrace has many years on stage as a performer, dancer and speaker.  She is now turning her creative mind to singing jazz. 


When she sings to an audience, she connects.  She brings the charm of time tested love songs to the hearts of the listener.  Pamelagrace wants the audience to feel the same love for the songs that she does. 


Being able to share the richness of these songs and the stories they tell brings Pamelagrace  joy.  Pamelagrace creates a sense of community each time she performs. She wants those who come to hear the music to feel a connection to the music and to each other.  Each time she sings it’s a group experience and love and joy are the outcome.

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Sway -Pamelagrace Trio w/Mark Vayman on piano

Satin Doll - Pamelagrace Trio w/ Mark Vayman on piano