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"Hi, It's Me, the Rest of your Life!"

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

OK, I am a Baby Boomer, so that means I am now in the retirement generation! I did give this some thought but I didn't know, actually what it would be like. I thought I would retire after I finished working (didn't think about when that would be) and move to Seattle, build a little A-frame cabin in the woods, have a kiln and a throwing pots wheel and make hundreds of cool clay pots, vases and light switch covers! That's not how it went.

A dear uncle of mine once said...quoting someone else, that "Life begins after 40". I was 25 when he said it and I had no clue what he was talking about. Now that I am past 40 and having a grand time in my so called retirement, I get it.

I've been a career, life and personal coach for many years. I noticed that when people wanted to get a new job - maybe because they had been fired, or laid off, or they were tired of what they were doing or felt unappreciated or something - they needed my help to get that job. What I also noticed is when I asked them "What would you really like to do?" It was hard for them to answer! One person told me no one had ever asked her what did she want to do. All felt they had to do whatever job they could get to take care of their family and bills. Doing what they might want to do and working to pay the bills were oxymorons.

Fast forward to retirement...with the Baby Boomers! Some of us actually retire. Many, if not most of us "retire" and redirect our energies into something we really want to do. You know, the things we didn't have time for or the things we thought were frivolous (like painting or writing a book or singing) or the things we didn't think we could make a living doing (like painting or writing a book or singing). Now, we can pay the bills because we worked a long time doing stuff we may have liked...or not but we saved money and can afford to do stuff that excites us (like - well you know). Finally we hear our life calling! That's what has happened with me and singing.

I have enjoyed many of the jobs I held in the past. But I LOVE singing. It is fun. (Do you know there was actually a time when I could not have said what "fun" was to me? Pitiful.) I love making time to work with my music, the songs, my fellow musicians in our trio. I think it is absolutely wild that I have a trio! This was not in the picture I had of what retirement would like for me. Who knew? The Universe is full of surprises. We just have to be open to them. And I am. May you be open as well, Dear Reader. Who knows what's in store for you on your journey, and I include the non-baby boomers as well.

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